Let me find you a job

An Executive Service to Select Job Seekers
Do you have an unconventional, hard-to-find or unique skills set that makes applying for a job harder than it’s supposed to be? KoruTalent offers an exclusive service where we consult with you, assist you on how to best position yourself and then actively market you to the employers, industries and/or locations where you want to be.

Who is it for?
KoruTalent’s Let me find you a job service is typically for senior-level job seekers with an unusual or unconventional CV, that doesn’t quite match the rigid skills and experience requirements of most job advertisements. This is particularly true for many migrant job seekers or people who have, or are looking to, change careers. That being said, our service is open to anyone who requires a focused preparation, marketing and presentation of themselves to the employers, industries and/or location where they want to be.

Please note that KoruTalent has, at any given moment, a limited number of openings for this service, as it requires undivided and dedicated attention to each job seeker. Please do apply though, if we are at full capacity, we will let you know when an opening will arise again.

What can you expect from this service?

  • Foremostly, this service means that we will actively search for jobs on your behalf and then actively market you to the employer.
  • We do this by extensively consulting with you around your specific requirements and your current job market positioning.
  • We also assist you to prepare your CV and cover letter to optimise your profile.

What is the cost?

The fee for this service is on application. Completing the application form below does not in any way put you under obligation to pay a fee.

Application Form
Please upload your CV in PDF format.

KoruTalent undertakes to securely keep and protect any personal details you’ve shared with us in this application and will only contact you on the email address provided.

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