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Published: March 17, 2023

Executive Assistant


Once in a generation, a superhuman rises – as wise as Athena, strong as Hercules, swift as Hermes, and as organised as an ant colony. Heed the call here.

  • Provide onsite office support to the COO and Project Team
  • Fanatical attention to the well-being of the humans on the team
  • One of NZ's largest food production and supply groups

Even the most powerful executives in the universe are helpless without a super sidekick.

The COO and project team at our employment partner need an office hero to be at their side in the fight for the production of clean, green, and consistently high-quality food. This energetic go-getter holds the fort and esquires an excellent, goal-driven team to wherever their many project adventures may lead.

If the sound of this role makes polish your tiara and get out your Lasso of Truth, we’d love to hear from you. If, however, the position is not for you, but you know of someone who’d be great in it, please pass this advertisement to them and encourage them to apply. Apply below.

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