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What You can Expect from Us
Your new career starts here. KoruTalent is not a typical harvester of CVs that mindlessly tick a checklist from a list of role requirements. We make an effort to read between the lines too, to match the perfect humans to the humans inside our select employment partners.

Speaking of employment partners. We don’t just randomly advertise, and recruit for, any old job. The organisations we source, recruit and place talent for are our business partners, who passed integrity and reputational checks more stringent than the ones candidates are subject to. Our partners are the type of organisations that place the same value on people as we do.

When you apply for a role with us, you can be assured that a human will screen your application. Although it is sometimes impossible to provide individual feedback, we commit to a timely response if an application was unsuccessful. We have deep appreciation for your time and effort as well as the emotional investment of applying for a new job. We don’t play games and we’ll never underestimate your intelligence.

When we give feedback, we often include some positive criticism and advice. Take heed and/or discuss these with us. Remember we know the employer better than you do, but we appreciate that you know your craft, skills, and industry better than we do. Together, we will make a pretty formidable team.

We furthermore commit to keeping your personal information safe and confidential and will never divulge any data you provided us with to any other party without your express and written permission.

You can expect that we will invest a lot of our time to secure employment should you be selected to continue in the selection process.

What We Expect of You

It takes two to tango. Our successful presenting of you to a prospective employer is directly related to the quality, accuracy and mindfulness of the information you provided us with. Invest your time to assist us in securing employment.

  • Honesty and transparency are not negotiable. We commit the same to you.
  • Ensure your CV and cover letter is of proper quality and as comprehensive as you can muster.
  • Prepare for a personal interview and follow-up meetings. 
  • When applicable or required, provide reputable references, police clearances and credit score.
  • Be clear in your communication with us and be transparent about other interviews and offers.
  • Provide us with feedback from interviews at the employer.
  • Please provide us with regular feedback after commencing employment. We care and like to celebrate your successes with you.
Migrant Assistance

You’ve definitely read somewhere that emigrating is one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do.  And I can tell you from personal experience that it certainly is. KoruTalent offers a no-obligation, no-fee assistance service to all migrants we’ve placed to assist them in settling into their new lives.

We will recommend licensed immigration advisers we have personal relationships with, to assist with the (seemingly overwhelming) administrative load, and point you in the right direction about how to navigate finding accommodation.

From guidance about opening a bank account, getting a driver’s license, or advice on enrolling your children in school or where to shop for appliances to pastoral care, we promise to do our best to help or guide you wherever we can. Easy or painless it’ll never be, but we’ll help you make it as smooth as possible.

Let me find you a job

An executive service for selected job seekers
Do you have an unconventional, hard-to-find or unique skills set that makes applying for a job harder than it’s supposed to be? Koru Talent offers an exclusive service where we consult with you, assist you on how to best position yourself and then actively market you to the employers, industries and/or locations where you want to be.

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