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Published: September 14, 2023

Logistics / Supply Chain Coordinator Job


Is your scheduling, controlling and monitoring skills of in and outbound product on par with an airport marshal shunting a jumbo jet?

  • Schedule and control inbound fibre and outbound product
  • Maintain overview of documentation of fibre and product movement
  • Work in the countryside, in one of NZ's most iconic locations - Taupo

Are you a multitasking coordinating juggler with ice water in your veins and a fire in your belly? Does “right quantity, right time, right place, all the time, every time” sound like the type of challenge you love and excel at?

Our employer partner needs a supply chain coordinator for inbound fibre and outbound product who understands how critical effective and efficient in, and outbound supply chain management is for a fast-growing company. Someone to ensure that there is enough raw material to cover production demand and enough finished product to meet sales commitments. They require someone to take a leading role in a project team to continuously streamline these processes.

If the sound of this role makes you burn hot with excitement, we’d love to hear from you. If, however, the position is not for you, but you know of someone who’d be great in it, please pass this advertisement to them and encourage them to apply.

Click to apply below.

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