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Published: November 1, 2021

Migrant Job Seekers: Don’t make these mistakes

Author: Beatrice Roets

I often come across applications for roles from prospective migrant job seekers. Many of them are super talented, highly qualified individuals that theoretically (especially when it comes to current skills shortages in certain industries) should not be struggling to land their dream jobs in New Zealand. Yet, many do. I often see the same mistakes being made by applications from overseas, and some from candidates already resident in New Zealand.

Keep the following in mind when applying for an advertised role:

  1. The New Zealand borders are (as of the date of this article) still mostly closed for migrant workers entering New Zealand from other countries, except for certain critical skills. Make sure you read the details of current regulations, available visas and other tools, rules and regulations on Immigration New Zealand’s website at www.immigration.govt.nz. The website is pretty good, clear and complete. Be aware when you apply that some employers simply cannot (at the moment) employ migrants or they might find the current process too tedious, risky and/or unstable to consider migrants.
  2. Be aware of the fact that the bulk of online job applications are auto-filtered by computer software (read our blogs about how to manage applications for auto-filtering here), and that you should take care that your application passes these bots, and a human actually lays eyes on your CV.
  3. Consider applying to jobs advertised by reputable, good recruiters (like KoruTalent!). Chances are that you will have a better chance of query emails being answered and that you can get some advice on how to approach and present your application. You need every little bit of help you can find ????
  4. Don’t go all Crazy Maverick and apply for every position you see. Especially not at the same employer, but in general, just avoid it. You run the risk of coming across as smacking of desperation, and that it not an ideal trait for talent seekers. Remember that, in the end, the New Zealand corporate landscape is pretty small, and you can quickly run out of options. Be selective about what you apply for and don’t chance applications where you don’t really fit the bill. Of course, ask if you’re unsure. Good hiring managers, HR departments and especially recruiters will give you good advice on how multiple applications should be approached.
  5. When you are invited to an interview, keep in mind that the first interview WILL be a video-call (on Zoom or MS Teams or whatever tech platform the recruiter or employer specifies)
  6. I realise we’ve all gotten used to pyjama-pants and dirty t-shirts at “the office” over the past 18 months. In an interview? Don’t! Do:
    - Wear semi-formal office wear, brush your hair and your teeth,
    - Make sure (and test beforehand) that your tech (computer and internet connection) is in a good, stable working order.
    - Make sure that you have good lighting and a neat and quiet background.
    - Be on time (check the current time-zones beforehand), be polite and be professional.
    - If the first interview is with a recruiter, make sure to ask all the questions that will assist you in nailing the first interview at the employer. All good recruiters will help you as much as they can. But don’t forget professionalism. Your first “sale” is to the recruiter.

If you have any questions regarding applying for jobs in New Zealand from overseas, or need a referral to a licensed immigration advisor, feel free to contact us here.

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