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Why Partner with Us
Do you require a business partner, a valuable extension of your business, dedicated to understanding not only the skills and experience requirements of a role, but goes to great lengths to nurture a deep appreciation of your business strategies, goals and objectives? A business partner that understands how to objectively match humans with humans and with business strategies? Then you have come to the right place.

Matching humans with humans – You’ll read this everywhere in our material. That is because a candidate’s personality and potential are, more often than not, far more significant indicators of a match than specific skills and experience. Apart from obvious and regulatory qualification requirements, the employee you need to grow, compete and especially innovate, might just come from a seemingly unlikely source, a completely different industry or even a different country.

KoruTalent believes in the power of diversity, not because it’s politically correct (we are unbothered by the politics of the day), but because diversity brings opportunity, lateral thinking and alternative approaches and viewpoints to the mix. Without which innovation is just a buzzword.
A partnership with KoruTalent is a partnership that brings seamless, measurable value and opportunity.

What You can Expect from Us

We’re in it for the long haul. Our reputation of unwavering integrity, deep-seated empathy and a devotion to accuracy, professionalism and greatness is worth far more than a single placement fee. To borrow from Sir Richard Branson, we think big, have fun and do good. Doing the right thing is the best way to secure and nurture sustainable, growing professional relationships.

We are generous. We invest more time and resources than most in getting under the skin of your business. For us to be effective, we must truly understand your culture, strategic direction and the nitty gritty of a role and how it fits into the team and bigger organisational picture.

No one-size-fits-all. Our processes are (almost) infinitely flexible. We customise our approach to seamlessly link in with your processes and procedures. Just how you like it.

Of course, we provide all the services you’d expect from a full-function recruitment and placement agency, from screening, interviews, wide advertising, advertising response handling and skills testing to reference and verification checks. Furthermore, we will customise the services you require into an interconnected offering that suit your needs best. By the time we present a candidate to you, you can be sure that he/she/they will fit snugly, play nice and kick butt.

What We Expect of You

As with any relationship worth having, success and happiness require some work from both sides. If you disagree with this, click here for more information.

Fortunately, we’re easy and our list is quite short:

  1. Stick to your end of our signed agreement. If your needs change or you discover a way things can be improved, we’re happy to have a conversation about it.
  2. Invest some of your time to allow us to obtain good, accurate information about the role, responsibilities, personal traits, and your business.
  3. Invest time to discuss suitable candidates and arrange interviews.
  4. Invest time to provide timely and comprehensive feedback on interviewed candidates.
  5. Commit to treating all candidates with respect. (A quite unnecessary point. If you’re this far into our website, we already share similar values.)
  6. Celebrate successes with us (and provide ongoing feedback after employment commences).

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