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Our Business
KoruTalent is in the business of people.

Because people matter. People are what makes businesses work, innovate and grow. We’ve combined the learnings and experience of two and a half decades at the sharp end of human resource management, recruitment and selection across New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and many other African countries to create this agency.

We fervently believe in meaningful, human interaction, enhanced – but never replaced, with technology. Meaningful interaction (with candidates, clients and partners) enables a deep understanding of business requirements and a deep-seated passion for people, their personal narrative, voices, personalities and experiences. Meaningful interaction goes far beyond the mere checking of tick-boxes on a requirements list. Combined, this allows for the perfect matching of people with business strategies, goals and objectives. Quite valuable for sourcing hard-to-find and sometimes unconventional skills.

We have extensive international experience in manufacturing and processing, heavy industrial, mining, construction, food, hospitality and healthcare. Contact us for a no-obligation discussion on how we can add value to your business.
Our People
Beatrice Roets

Beatrice has an unequivocal passion for people – their voices, personalities, ideas, potential and experiences. It is very personal. She gives people a way to present themselves, to project their voices so they can tell their stories with depth and fervour. This passion also extends to the people that make up her corporate clients. Few things give Beatrice as much joy and purpose as finding, preparing and matching people to each other, aligned perfectly with the strategies, goals and objectives of the businesses they represent.

She started her career in the South African Police Services and retired from the service as a Detective in 1994 whereafter she founded Professional Career Consultants (PCC), a full-function human resources service provider. She served as the Managing Director for PCC until moving to New Zealand in 2017 where she managed the Operations Portfolio of Pohlen Partners in Auckland as Executive Consultant for 4 years.

Beatrice is a registered Human Resources practitioner and member of the Institute of People Management. She holds a degree in Police Administration from the University of South Africa and a General Certificate, Occupational Health and Safety from NEBOSH.
Zelda Vermeulen

Zelda is a self-confessed sucker for stories with happy endings. In the recruitment industry, she found the avenue to create and be part of just such stories.  Connecting the right people with the right people in organisations, and sharing common goals, expectations, and values is the "sweet spot". This is where all parties flourish and grow. 

Recruitment is Zelda's second career, but not her first working with people. She cut her teeth in the people business working with the dreaded teenager, arguably the most complex and unpredictable human form. As a secondary school teacher (she's a former Dean for years 9 to 12), she developed and refined deep empathy, quick situational understanding and fluidity, and an uncanny ability to multitask effectively.  These skills serve her well in the humans-hearts-and-know-how game. Additionally, she has extensive experience in the hospitality sector, where she fulfilled various management functions, including HR, Operations, and Customer Service.

Zelda holds a Bachelor's Degree - Level 7 from NZQA, and a Higher Education Diploma with specialisation in commercial subjects from the University of Pretoria. She is also an Accredited Assessor with SAQA.   
Riaan Roets - KoruTalent
Riaan Roets

Fastidiously concerned with numbers and people, Riaan has rejoined the recruitment industry in 2024, from his last role as transport supervisor and contracts manager for NZ’s largest waste company.

Originally qualified as an accountant in South Africa, Riaan's career path took him across the banking and mining industries. In South Africa, Riaan was the director of finance and transport at Professional Career Consultants. 

Riaan is keen to share his knowledge and skills within the heavy engineering industry, finance, and transport sectors.

When not waist-deep in sourcing and placing talent, or tinkering in his garage with an automotive project of some sort, Riaan looks after the business administration and finances of KoruTalent. You know, while he knows a thing or two about it.

Wanda Wackenier
Wanda Wackenier

Wanda is the director of Immigration Link and KoruTalent's go-to adviser in all things immigration related.

With a business and legal background, and having immigrated to New Zealand herself more than a decade ago, Wanda is uniquely placed to understand every candidate's particular situation. She has an excellent knowledge of the intricacies of the New Zealand and Australian immigration systems and processes and she is able to explain the complexities in a clear and understandable way. She is a calming influence when you feel as though you have lost the plot!

Wanda holds an LLB and a GCNZIA, and is a licensed New Zealand Immigration Adviser and a licensed Australian Migration Agent.
Gustav Rischmüller

Senior Brand Strategist at Bettle-Associates (our marketing partners), Gustav is a veteran brand, marketing, and creative strategist. His team is tasked with the development and management of the KoruTalent brand and the marketing of roles to potential candidates.

He's a big-picture // tiny-details marketeer with a knack for developing, materialising, and implementing powerful strategic solutions to solve complex communications, product and positioning challenges, and revitalise stagnating business paradigms. He assists brands to be relevant, engaging, and competitive.

At Bettle, Gustav serves brands across the world and holds an honours degree in Information Design from the University of Pretoria.

Let me find you a job

An executive service for selected job seekers
Do you have an unconventional, hard-to-find or unique skills set that makes applying for a job harder than it’s supposed to be? Koru Talent offers an exclusive service where we consult with you, assist you on how to best position yourself and then actively market you to the employers, industries and/or locations where you want to be.

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